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At the heart of Project DYNAMO lies the unwavering patriotism and commitment of our volunteers.

They form the backbone of our organization, contributing their skills and dedication across a spectrum of crucial roles. From on-the-ground deployment in war and disaster zones to remote case management (calling and managing our rescuees), event planning, fundraising, and translation services, our volunteers are the lifeblood of Project DYNAMO.

These dedicated individuals are activated in alignment with the dynamic rhythm of ongoing and upcoming operations. Their selfless sacrifice of time is integral to the collective effort to save lives. Every volunteer is a priceless asset, and our diverse team reflects individuals from various walks of life, encompassing different races, genders, ages, backgrounds, and military/non-military experiences. Together, we exemplify the spirit of unity, setting aside our differences to address the urgent needs of innocent people caught in dire situations, be it in war zones or natural disasters.

While our volunteers generously contribute their time to Project DYNAMO, it is the support of our generous donors that enables us to cover essential expenses, including equipment and operational costs. We are deeply grateful for their commitment to our mission and the impact it allows us to make on the ground.


Currently Operating Globally & Domestically.

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