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Project DYNAMO: Forward deployed to Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine on the morning of 24 February 2022 bringing brutality, bombings, targeting of civilians, genocide, rape and torture not seen in Europe since Hitler and the Nazi war criminals of WWII. Watching the buildup, Project DYNAMO forward-deployed to Ukraine in advance of the pending invasion in late January 2022. The U.S. Embassy had closed and evacuated weeks earlier. This meant that Americans and allies did not have resources nor forces available to evacuate them.

Project DYNAMO: First Rescue of Americans

Team members from DYNAMO began building clandestine human and physical infrastructure throughout the south and east of Ukraine. Missiles landed in Kyiv at 5:04 a.m. on 24 February. Within 60 minutes, the DYNAMO team had 20 Americans and NATO allies secured at a safe-site via a preorganized rally point and initiated rescue operations.

This was the first rescue of Americans from Ukraine.

Project DYNAMO: Our Work Began When They Were Left Behind

Operation: APOLLO Humanitarian rescue convoys. From small cars to 20-passenger sprinter vans to large 50-passenger coach busses, we have evacuated vulnerable civilians from the Ukrainian war-zone
and INSIDE the Russian occupied areas to neighboring NATO countries. Over 150 missions completed.

Operation: AQUARIUS Like GEMINI missions, except the babies are not born yet. This is the tactical evacuation of pregnant Ukrainian surrogate mothers carrying unborn American or western babies. These missions, once complete, turn into GEMINIS after the babies are born. The women, and their families, must be evacuated from the war zones and occupied areas, but are forced to remain in Ukraine because surrogate pregnancy is not legal in many countries. Once they give birth, DYNAMO evacuates the babies and often the surrogate mother and her family.

Operation: ARIES Hostile medical evacuation operations. Civilians who are injured, hurt, infirmed or wounded that are in the “hot zone” or the occupied areas. Project DYNAMO provides medical care when, often, an ambulance is needed with a DYNAMO medical team to evacuate them.

Operation: ATLAS Blind and deaf rescue program. Due to their disability, they are extremely vulnerable in the war-zone – air raid sirens, bombs and gunshots cannot be seen or heard, making them even more vulnerable in areas of war.

Operation: GEMINI American and western surrogate newborn baby rescue operations. Rescues of newborn babies born in the war-zone who are American, but born to Ukrainian surrogate mothers. These operations use neonatal specialists, doctors, and if needed, premature advanced life support ambulances. 60 operations completed – 68 GEMINI babies (many are twins).

Operation: VOYAGER Holocaust Survivor Program. Because these vulnerable people are two-time victims of genocidal war and tend to be elderly, we treat these cases very special. Most VOYAGERS are typically in high-risk areas who came to Ukraine as refugees escaping Nazi persecution during WWII. Project DYNAMO conducts the rescue, evacuates them to safety, and then flies them to Israel.