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98RockFest's 50/50 Raffle, Proceeds Go To Project DYNAMO

Project DYNAMO is thrilled to team up with 98ROCK @98rocksthebay for an exciting fundraising event: the first ever 50/50 Raffle, generously powered by @therhinohome.

At Project DYNAMO, we’re a Tampa-based, veteran-led non profit organization dedicated to rescuing trapped Americans. We’ve successfully carried out more than 616 operations and rescued over 7000 people , aiding men, women, children and their pets stranded in disaster zones and conflict areas around the globe. The 50/50 Raffle is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to our cause, with half of the proceeds directly supporting our life-saving missions and the other half potentially landing in your hands as the grand prize!

The winning ticket will be selected live at #98ROCKFEST. If you can’t make it to this awesome event, you can still play if you’re in the State of Florida; your presence is not required to claim your prize. Secure your tickets now at and stand a chance to win, all while making a difference in the lives of those in dire need.

Raffle will be drawn on April 19th.
Ticket Prices:
  • 5 tickets for $10
  • 25 tickets for $25
  • 150 tickets for $40
  • 500 tickets for $98