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Thousands Perish & Americans Are Among Victims

On October 7, 2023 terrorist organization Hamas conducted a surprise attack from the Gaza Strip into Israel, slaughtering thousands in a terrorist attack that was larger than 9/11 by scale. Men, women, children, and babies were murdered, tortured, taken hostage, and worse. This list of victims included Americans.

Project DYNAMO Rapidly Deployed

Recognizing the size and scale of the attack, Project DYNAMO rapidly deployed an operations team to set conditions for case management to conduct operations of rescues and evacuations, not knowing what the future would hold. We named the Operation: PROMISED LAND. This operation was different. Like in Ukraine, we knew there would be a war and innocents would be trapped but we did not know what to expect as we deployed.

Project DYNAMO Launches Four-Pronged Effort to Safeguard Americans

Israel is a long standing ally of the United States and the number of Americans in Israel being held at risk was extreme. We established four lines of effort. Number one, the hostages being held underground by Hamas. Two, the Americans that are trapped in Gaza, many of whom are humanitarian aid workers. Three, Americans that got stuck in Israel being held at risk by Hamas missiles. Four, bringing humanitarian aid to support the war effort.


1 | DAVIDs Hostages being held and tortured by Hamas largely underground.

2 | NOAHs Land and maritime rescues of Americans and allies trapped in Gaza.

3 | MOSES Air operations of Americans stuck in Israel being held at risk by Hamas missiles and war

4 | GENISIS Humanitarian aid to support civilians in the war-zone.