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Operation Lighthouse: Counter Human Trafficking
Help Rescue The Innocent


Stand with DYNAMO Against Human Trafficking

Project DYNAMO is combatting the scourge of humanity – HUMAN TRAFFICKING. The horrific acts exploiting innocent lives, especially children, for labor and the sex trades shakes the very foundations of our civilization. DYNAMO’s Operation: LIGHTHOUSE, takes direct action and shines a light on the darkest corners of human trafficking, focused on the rescue of the most vulnerable victims: CHILDREN. This is a war against the most vile forms of human exploitation, a war that demands the courage, commitment, and action of the brave men and women of Project DYNAMO.

Stand with DYNAMO Against Human Trafficking

Project DYNAMO: A Unique Position To Impact Change

As an organization, we are accustomed to working on the front lines, and beyond, of the world’s most dangerous war-zones, with ongoing operations in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Sudan, Syria, and other denied areas fighting against some of the most sinister enemies and violators of human rights from the Taliban to Russian Intelligence to criminals. We’re preparing to confront the coming crisis in Taiwan, utilizing our honed skills in special operations tactics and intelligence tradecraft developed from our over 400 years of experience. It is these unique qualifications, coupled with our unwavering resolve, that makes Project DYNAMO perfectly poised to fight against the human trafficking cartels and rescue the innocent as we have always done.

A Hidden Crisis Within a Crisis

Operation: LIGHTHOUSE, is a mission devoted to detect, identify, and mitigate the threat of human trafficking at the organizational level. By detecting the criminal syndicates, identifying the perpetrators and victims, we mitigate the threat to the victims and their families while adversely impacting the criminals. This program focuses on the express goal of rescuing the most vulnerable – children – trapped in a nightmare of exploitation. We conduct these operations utilizing the same intelligence networks and operational tactics that have been successful in our global war-zone rescue operations.

Project DYNAMO Helping Refugees With Their Next Steps

Bottom line: Human trafficking is unacceptable and we will not be spectators who admire the problem. Human trafficking is a despicable atrocity that requires immediate, forceful, thoughtful, direct, and constant action. Project DYNAMO, with its proven expertise and resources, is prepared to take on this challenge. But to maximize the potential of Operation: LIGHTHOUSE, we need the support of generous individuals like you. Your contribution could literally mean the difference between a life enslaved and a life saved. Stand with us as we illuminate the path to freedom for countless innocents and send a clear message to traffickers: their reign of terror ends now.