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Mario “MAD” Duarte
(President & CEO)

Mario “MAD” Duarte is President and CEO of Project DYNAMO.

Mr. Duarte is an internationally recognized intelligence officer with more than 20 years of experience in intelligence, national security, consulting, and strategic initiatives worldwide. He is a thought leader and change agent for some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian issues. His experience includes service in the US Army and US Army Reserves, private sector work in the technology industry, Risk and Security Manager for the Houston Airport Authority, as well as an Intelligence and Security Consultant for a U.S. Defense contractor.

Mr. Duarte earned his MBA from Rice University, postgraduate degree from Ortega Gasset Institute-Spain, postgraduate studies in intelligence and national security in Taiwan, and Israel, and completed his PhD studies in National Security at San Carlos University Guatemala. He is a dual national with US and Guatemalan citizenship.

Prior to his formal appointment as President and CEO of Project DYNAMO, he was a long-time contributor to the organization’s efforts, including as an active participant in on-the-ground rescue operations.