US nuclear scientist reportedly rescued from Russia-occupied Ukraine


Project DYNAMO rescues nearly 500 people from Mariupol


Project Dynamo helped to extract Americans who were trapped near Kyiv


Project DYNAMO latest Ukraine evacuations include a pregnant woman


Veterans risking life to rescue desperate Afghans amid Taliban takeover

#DigitalDunkirk: Veterans unite on social media to help evacuate Afghans

Making sense of ‘madness’: How an American woman is leading an effort to evacuate Afghan allies


Ex-BBC journalist targeted by Taliban stuck in Afghanistan 

Ex-BBC journalist ‘targeted by Taliban’ seeks escape from Afghanistan 

Army Week Association at helm of ‘massive’ global coalition to evacuate Afghan allies

Biden administration accused of ‘gaslighting’ public over situation in Kabul as Taliban turn evacuees away

Former Afghan BBC reporter seeks protection from the Taliban

Seven Afghans die in crush at Kabul airport


Digital Dunkirk: With clock ticking, veterans race to save comrades

Digital Dunkirk’ needs more time to help get Americans and Afghan allies out

A Digital Dunkirk to get US allies out of Afghanistan

An army of veterans and volunteers organizes online to evacuate Afghans, from thousands of miles away

#DigitalDunkirk: Veterans unite on social media to help evacuate Afghans

I Taught English to Afghan Soldiers. Now I’m Part of the “Digital Dunkirk” Trying to Get Them Out.

US Army veterans are using satellite maps to spot Taliban checkpoints and guide Afghan interpreters they used to work with through safe routes to Kabul airport

Escape From Afghanistan

As a sea of humanity fights to escape the Taliban, an Afghan interpreter and his family make it to safety

Massive veterans group uses intel, satellite images to direct Afghan interpreters around Taliban checkpoints

Former Afghanistan football coach criticises ‘botched’ evacuation of female players

Afghanistan: Incredible space map tracking Taliban troops helps save Afghan interpreters​

‘Digital Dunkirk’ designed to rescue Afghans during the evacuation

‘Digital Dunkirk’: U.S. Marine Corps veteran on working to help Afghans flee crisis

Ex-marine on Afghanistan evacuation: If deadline is not extended ‘you literally put these people in a death sentence

Afghan women’s soccer players, fleeing the Taliban, find refuge in Australia

The definition of gaslighting’: As chaos unfolds at Kabul airport, Biden team projects calm

‘We won’t get everyone out on time’ — What two veterans in Congress saw in Kabul

A group of veterans use information satellite imagery to guide Afghan interpreters to the Taliban checkpoint

‘I served you, but you don’t care’: Afghan interpreter stuck in putrid ditch begs for UK’s help

Afghanistan, la “Dunkirk digitale” dei reduci americani per salvare gli amici

#DigitalDunkirk: Veterans unite on social media to help evacuate Afghans

Veterans launch #DigitalDunkirk to help Afghans evacuate

#DigitalDunkirk campaign launched to evacuate Afghans

#DigitalDunkirk: Veterans unite on social media to assist evacuate Afghans

Military veterans launch #DigitalDunkirk to evacuate Afghans

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