Project Dynamo

Project Dynamo is an umbrella term encompassing two operations — Digital Dunkirk and Dynamo II. Both efforts are being run by extraordinary civilians with no ties to the U.S. government attempting to do the impossible — saving Americans and Afghan allies who are fearing for their lives as the Taliban regains control of Afghanistan.

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What Is Digital Dunkirk?

Digital Dunkirk is a veterans coalition locating at-risk individuals and transporting them to temporary safer locations. Once relocated, they await being rescued and taken out of the country. 

The name of the group is a reference to the evacuation of allied forces in Dunkirk during WWII with the help of civilians who volunteered their boats. You can read more about our efforts by using the hashtag #DigitalDunkirk on social media and by browsing our Press page.

What Is Dynamo II?

Digital Dunkirk is being assisted by an air branch, known officially as Dynamo II. This is a group of veterans who were contacted for help by their former Afghan interpreters and other people whose lives are at risk. The name is a reference to Operation Dynamo, the movement that evacuated allied soldiers during World War II from the beaches of Dunkirk.

Who Are the Volunteers?

The rescues are being facilitated by humanitarians and by gold star families with ties to Afghanistan and the U.S. military. 

Currently, they are operating from an undisclosed location due to safety reasons. They’re completely self-funded, paying for everything with donations and by putting equipment on credit cards. This would be a colossal effort under ordinary circumstances, but they’re doing it in a hostile and deadly environment (political and tactical). 

Afghanistan is a significantly large country, with cities, mountains, and deserts. Getting from one city to another to finally be able to be airlifted is an excruciatingly difficult journey. And most travelers are trying to leave with their spouses and children, so one person usually means transporting four or five people. 

The clock is ticking fast, and the goal is to save as many lives as possible. Every little bit helps, and you can be part of the rescue efforts during this humanitarian crisis.

Snowball is our primary fundraising platform where we hope to reach $3 million. We accept both one-time donations and recurring donations, which you can submit weekly or monthly.

Scan the code to the left and make a donation from your phone in one simple step.

We also accept donations through electronic bank-to-bank payments, offering a safe transfer process. For ACH inquiries and wiring instructions, please contact us at donate@projectdynamo.org.

Organization and Tax References

Veterans Crisis Hotline

What’s going on in Afghanistan is devastating; and it has greatly affected the citizens of Afghanistan, American troops, and veteran volunteers. 

Bryan Stern, Co-founder of Project Dynamo, wants to make sure that all veterans can get help to deal with the associated anxiety. If you are affected by this, please call the Veterans Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.